De Bellenblazer

An interactive landmark

November 19, 2012

After the fireworks disaster, the urban suburb Roombeek (in Enschede) was rebuilt with innovative and unique architecture. “De Bellenblazer” is a nine meter tall landmark in the centre of this area. The statue is functioning as a meeting point and at the same time guiding visitors of Prismare to the entrance of the community¬† building. The colors of the huge soap bubbles are changing interactively, triggered by both people walking under the statue as the local temperature and wind force data. One can see and hear the bubbles popping by stepping on the hot-spot ground level bubbles. The project was realized with the involvement of many inhabitants of Roombeek.
Design in collaboration with D.Boekhout.
Special thanks to: Taco van Loon, KITT Engineering and X-Kwadraat.